Naps May Improve Performance Later In The Day…ZZZZZZ Looking for an excuse to work in a quick snooze in the afternoon? Here you go: Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have found that naps may help your brain work better later. Matthew Walker, who led the study, says we know that sleeping is critical to … [Read more...]

Social Media Revenue Model – Strategies for Building a Large Online Business

You Want FREE Coaching with Me? Here is how it is going to work: This new coaching program is in the "major exploration stage". I think I have a pretty good idea, when it comes to Social Media integration into your business, what you need but I want to make certain I don't miss … [Read more...]

Live Tour of Bill Crosby’s House and Special FREE Coaching Offer

Live Tour of Bill Crosby’s House and Special FREE Coaching Offer

Ok, here is the deal. I am an idiot! Here is why. I did this video for two reasons: 1. To show you my house and assorted offices, 2. To present a really cool offer of FREE coaching for your business. Well, I got the first one done in the video, the second...that is the idiot part. I forgot … [Read more...]

Video: What do you feed your mind?

What do you feed your mind? This is such an important question for those wanting to dramatically increase their income. This video is inspired by ONLY feeding the mind positive success focused information, ideas, and thoughts. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this video, please comment, digg, and … [Read more...]