Social Media Revenue Model – Strategies for Building a Large Online Business

You Want FREE Coaching with Me? Here is how it is going to work:

This new coaching program is in the “major exploration stage”. I think I have a pretty good idea, when it comes to Social Media integration into your business, what you need but I want to make certain I don’t miss anything.

Here is my offer. I want to set up daily calls with one person per day for about 15-20 minutes (it will probably run longer then that, which is cool as well). The calls will focus on a few things:

1. What specific pain or struggles you are having with marketing and revenue in your business and how Social Media will help you with those struggles (if you don’t yet have an online business, I can help you with that as well),

2. What specific tools you need in order to be more successful with what you are doing in your business, and here is the best part…

3. You ask me any questions you want and I will answer them! (potential topics include, how to create super viral products, steps in product creation, keys steps to internet marketing, how to find great niche markets, I don’t have a product or service to sell how can I make money, how to I get more followers in social media)

Sound good?

But, here is what you need to do to get us some time together. I wanted to give everyone a chance to have some time with me, so I needed to come up with something fair and simple, so don’t over complicate this.

Make a video no more then 1 minute long about why we are perfect to work together. Tell me whatever you like in this. It could be about you, about your business, about your desires to change your life, whatever you like. Send it to me on via my site which is

Now, here is the interesting part, and I am just leaking this out. I am planning on giving away a few slots in my upcoming training program on Social Media Marketing and Viral Product Creation. I am going to turn to everyone that does this first series of coaching calls with me for the first two slots. The last will be open to everyone. So, if you want to join me on a really thorough discovery of building your business in Social Media, make sure you do this.

I am only opening up 30 days of coaching calls with me, so the first 30 to do the videos are in!

And alert, there are only 12 slots left!!!

Have fun with it, and I look forward to your videos on YouTube.


Make sure you comment below!!! 🙂


  1. Since you’re leakiting it out, there’s a new social media website called leakitout, every post ends up on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.. and increases SEO unlike Facebook and twitter. It’s another great avenue for finding out or reporting what’s going on in real time! Leak it out on!

  2. Sweet, I'd love this!

  3. Sweet, I'd love this!

  4. The info is really great! I appreciate the helpful content!

  5. Hi Bill,

    I'm looking for the strategy sheet you mentioned in your video. I can't find it. Can pls provide the link for me.


  6. lahkaiwa says:

    I like this one, but I am not really there, yet. I may have to go back to your original tapes, againg.

  7. anitaarmstrong says:

    Hey…I tried to send you my video…but your site is not up…it's under construction……is there someplace else to send it too.

  8. anitaarmstrong says:

    Can you let me know…..if I can get into your program…..? Thanks

  9. anitaarmstrong says:

    HI Bill,

    Well I JUST found you….so as of this posting….you said you only had 12 slots left. I am assuming those are gone. So Can you let me know…..if I'm too late.???


  10. Bill I have used your program successfully and feel that we have complimentary. skills. You can check me out at If interested I would love to discuss how we might work more closely together. I have performed more than 700 Coaching assignments during the last several years. Currently I am launching several initiatives over the internet where you are far more experienced that I. Let me know if you would like to chat for mutual benefit.

  11. dngmedia says:

    I am somewhat knowledgable with marketing and PPC, and ad campaigns.
    I am an affiliate of Twitter Traffic Machine, my site is
    I am pursuing affiliate marketing as a way to create an income to compliment my SS disabilty income, as I am disabled.
    I have been studying affiliate marketing for the past year, and currently promoting products succefully.
    I sure do want to be considered in your free coaching
    Please consider me for your coaching
    Thank You
    Frank RossiD&G Media Publications

  12. Bill, your audio acoustics is reverberating in that small room … can't you record your video in a larger space?

  13. I've started focusing on social media. I recently did a short video and an audio to put on website. I am not sure what's the best to focus on for a novice in this area. I can't do the video until Mon. I don't know how to do it myself. I have an assistant help me.
    Thanks for this video.

  14. This is a brilliant idea!

    I want to help people living in low wage economies to be able to use methods available on the internet to generate more income from global transactions.

    So this would really help me to help them.

  15. Frank Smythe says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I WILL send you my video soon. I'm setting up my new computer system and am having many, many problems. Thanks again for this incredible opportunity.

    Frank Smythe

  16. Hi Bill,

    We just purchased your Twitter Traffic Machine and we’re excited about the possibilities! We are new to Twitter and wonder how to comment on your Twitter page? Didn’t see anywhere to post a comment. By the way, do you have any more openings for your free coaching?

    Leanne Cannon

  17. Judging by my website I’m sure you can tell I need help Bill. I’ve advanced so easily from your tutorials to date, and am in such need of more I’m hoping I can get into this next series please.
    I thank you in advance.

    Len Hill

  18. Hi Bill, use your Twitter course and love it. Added Hummingbird to make it all sing.

    I have many connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and my own Ning site, but now I need to know how to monitize without spamming.

    I just got back from Maui and did not read emails from the 18th till today. My first email holiday and I am probably late for your promotion. I will send a video anyway, just in case.

    JW Najarian

  19. Please count me in!

  20. would love to learn as i am new to internet business, i have been looking at everything for several months now and am very frustrated it all seems to be BS, im looking for something to throw my self into if i am chosen i will give everything iv got .

  21. More safe! Now a video and your business. Trust me from This new coaching program.

  22. count me in Bill

  23. You asked for a video. I thought it important to get this to you, so I now will be getting my video ready.

    Bill, I have some health issues that have kept me from doing my best. For 15 years I’ve either been in the hospital recovering from Esophageal cancer or 3 years ago just when I was beginning to feel healthy enough to live on my own again, I had one of two brain aneurysms. From 2006 until today I have worked hard at learning. Learning how to build a business on the net has been a real challenge for me.

    I met Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler over a year ago but back then if I didn’t have notes to review every one and every plan was forgotten.

    Do I need some one to coach me? I sure do! If you are looking for motivation in a person I am that person. I have fought haet to be where I am today.

    Ann and Mike have a new mentoring program that would be outstanding for me but the cost is just out of my reach.

    I love attraction marketing and any help I can get I want and need it.

    My business website is in re-work. Since I have dedicated my work to attraction marketing Ann and Mike are my gurus on this. They have the best marketing approach I’ve ever found.

    Sorry about not sending a video first. I have a good system just need a little time to work out my learning problems using it.


  24. Bill I would like to be coached by you, however I am going to pass and allow someone else to have the chance to make it in Internet Marketing.

    Maybe next time.


  25. Hi Bill I think you are a great genuine guy i bought your twitter traffic it is great !
    I started My Online Business Back In Dec 08
    and have not made any money yet I have spent about 5000.00 in total on different things to make money with but it just does not seem to happen I am determined but feel I will run out of money soon and not be able to carry on I am a mum of 4 and all i wanted to do was to earn more money so i could work from home and spend more time with my family it upsets me that i may not be able to continue I need help please !

  26. Hi Bill. What if i don’t have a way of making a video for you? I am really interested in learning from you. I have been struggling with online marketing for a while now, and I could really benefit from some one on one coaching. I feel so overwhelmed with all the information out there today, and I am not sure where to go from here.

  27. Hi Bill. Someone who has not got a clue but has found your vidio so easy to understand. I am trying to teach myself ‘not easy’ and am amazed how many people I ask who do not know anything. I would like to have you as my tutor but will have to find out how to make a vidio ‘I know not good !!!I I should be so lucky it would be a privilige…Thanks Mary (Yummy Puds)

  28. Yes by all means count me in

  29. YIKES. I can’t tell if you got this or not, sent in through youtube – here is my PLEADING video to work with you. Thanks so much – really need the help and your expertise. Such a cool thing you have offered. Thanks for the chance.


  30. Hi Bill – this sounds GREAT! I put my affiliate link on the new site I made and am using all you tools (lots of followers but no sales? So what am I doing wrong? If you get a chance look at my site! I am going to place 3 “new” products on the page.. any suggestions (like social media generating sale products?)
    All the best Scott…
    P.S. I am also a paying member od PPC Classroom and Google Cash Detective so I am VERY serious about eaerning an income from my site… and I am trying to make the landing page a “social Media Revenue Model which does make sales of quailty products for visitors”

  31. Hi Bill
    Well by the looks of this list im too late.. Dang, and i made a movie and all. Well hope you have a look at it, cuz ive got what it takes to stick with your program.. and hey.. really great results with the twitter program.. thanks


  32. This newbie figured out how to upload a video, and hopefully it got to you Bill. Talk about excitement and fear! Wowser!!

  33. Hey Bill!
    Okay…your video as requested:

  34. Hi Bill

    This sounds great ,hope that I will be one of the lucky ones.


  35. Okay Bill! Count me in! And thanks also for this invitation.

  36. Watch my video – Pick Me!

  37. Sending my vid in this morning Bill, Pick ME!

  38. Bill,

    I don’t know how to make a Youtube video however I would like to be considered for one of your fee spots. I have a great online business that needs to be taken to the next level and I think Social Media may be the vehicle to take me there.


  39. Maya Mendoza says:

    Hey Bill – if there are still spots available id like you to consider me. Im looking to build multiple streams of affiliater income – start an affiliate type programe for my own products (spiritual development – mind melding CD /e-books) and ….make myself ‘slightly famous’.

    I would enjoy being mentored and tutored (as they say in my biz … i an coachable and trainiable) by and expert.

    Thanks ~ Maya

  40. Bill, I can’t tell whether you received my video or not, if not, you can check out my videos at Thanks. Brad

  41. I need you! I want you! I have to have you!


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