About Me

BillCenteredWho is Bill Crosby?

Since 2004 when I first discovered Internet Marketing, I have loved creating systems and process to build businesses online. But my love of the Internet goes back much further.

The first time I saw the Internet was back in 1991 when Prodigy first launch their services. At that point, there were no webpages, but instead bulletin boards and chat (IRC, remember this?). Every since, I have studied the Internet, building businesses, online community, and marketing. My love for the whole space just continues to grow!

When Social Media come on, I immediately dove into it as I saw this being the first really big change in online communities. Paving the way was MySpace.com, and then came Facebook. Now, no surprise, social media is the biggest gathering space for people worldwide, and companies have scrambled to connect with their customers and potential customers.

Today, Google now drives the traffic, especially when it comes to local businesses. With their updates in Panda and Penguin, they now require local businesses to optimize their online presence in Google or die! No longer do people looking for local services go to the Yellow Pages. They go online, to Google, and search.

Seeing this change, I expanded my services of helping local businesses get found on Google, Yahoo and Bing from organic search (not paid but on the left side results page) to Google, Yahoo and Bing local (the maps with the letters showing local businesses for your search).

This is the future of the marketing for local businesses, and if your business is not yet listed on Google Maps, you are missing out on all of your future business and TONS of profit! (Find out more how we help local businesses get more leads here)

Thanks for reading about me,

Bill Crosby