7 Most Interesting Viral Videos of All Times

7 Most Interesting Viral Videos of All Times

First of all, there is nothing more entertaining then YouTube (for me that is) and it is the birthplace of most viral videos. Special thanks to Search Engine Journal for putting this clever collection of viral videos together Instead of spending all my time writing thousands of words worth of … [Read more...]

Convert .mov to .flv video files on the fly, Major Time Saver!

In my weekly mastermind group, we just learned today (thanks to Sean Malarkey) that  you can simply change a .mov (Mac based video format) file to .flv (Flash based format) by just changing the file type. In order for this to work, the codec (fancy pants language for how the movie is rendered on … [Read more...]

Easy Video Player – Game Changing Video Marketing Software

I have come across the next BIG tool for super effective video marketing. This tool is a GAME CHANGER! It does four amazing things: Automatically uploads your videos to amazon s3 Tracks stats of both views, completions and clicks Creates a Buy Now button on your video and directs to your … [Read more...]

iPhone Video Tools by Xshot.com

The iPhone and other higher end video recording mobile devices will do doubt continue to take over video content production. As we can now just turn on our iPhones and record live stream, video snips, audio podcast, or even blog directly from the phone, from anywhere, the possibilities for content … [Read more...]

Video Blogging from the iPhone

Testing some cool tools for auto blogging videos on the fly using the iPhone. Learn more on Social Media TV today at 2pm EST … [Read more...]