Naps May Improve Performance Later In The Day…ZZZZZZ

According to a recent study, short naps may help your brain work better.
Looking for an excuse to work in a quick snooze in the afternoon?

Here you go: Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have found that naps may help your brain work better later.

Matthew Walker, who led the study, says we know that sleeping is critical to cementing new memories, but this research looked at whether getting sleep before learning is equally important to prepare your brain to soak up information.

“Despite us all knowing the sort of subjective benefits of sleep, what may be surprising to the general public is that scientists and doctors do not still have a satisfying answer as to why we sleep — and that, of course, is one-third of our lives,” Walker tells NPR’s Guy Raz.

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  1. BillCrosby says:

    So true! I used to live in Spain and loved the siesta! Nap away everyone…

  2. mlb2323 says:

    The Spanish and many other countries (not America) have been taking Siestas for years! – we all know it works, it's still the American way that if you go til you drop and push yourself til you can't go anymore than you're being productive. Funny the rest of the world is going along just fine with a little afternoon nap.


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