Live Tour of Bill Crosby’s House and Special FREE Coaching Offer

Live Tour of Bill Crosby’s House and Special FREE Coaching Offer

Ok, here is the deal. I am an idiot!

Here is why. I did this video for two reasons:
1. To show you my house and assorted offices,
2. To present a really cool offer of FREE coaching for your business.

Well, I got the first one done in the video, the second…that is the idiot part. I forgot to mention it.

So, you get to read it instead…

The Offer:

I am putting together a new coaching program and I am in the “major exploration stage”. I think I have a pretty good idea, when it comes to Social Media integration into your business, what you need but I want to make certain I don’t miss anything.

So, here is my offer. I want to set up daily calls with one person per day for about 15-20 minutes (it will probably run longer then that, which is cool as well). The calls will focus on a few things:

1. What specific pain or struggles you are having with marketing and revenue in your business and how Social Media will help you with those struggles (if you don’t yet have an online business, I can help you with that as well),

2. What specific tools you need in order to be more successful with what you are doing in your business, and here is the best part…

3. You ask me any questions you want and I will answer them! (potential topics include, how to create super viral products, steps in product creation, keys steps to internet marketing, how to find great niche markets, I don’t have a product or service to sell how can I make money, how to I get more followers in social media)

Sound good?

But, here is what you need to do to get us some time together. I wanted to give everyone a chance to have some time with me, so I needed to come up with something fair and simple, so don’t over complicate this.

Make a video no more then 1 minute long about why we are perfect to work together. Tell me whatever you like in this. It could be about you, about your business, about your desires to change your life, whatever you like. Send it to me on via my site which is

Now, here is the interesting part, and I am just leaking this out. I am planning on giving away a few slots in my upcoming training program on Social Media Marketing and Viral Product Creation. I am going to turn to everyone that does this first series of coaching calls with me for the first two slots. The last will be open to everyone. So, if you want to join me on a really thorough discovery of building your business in Social Media, make sure you do this.

I am only opening up 30 days of coaching calls with me, so the first 30 to do the videos are in!

Have fun with it, and I look forward to your videos on YouTube.


PS. As always, I look forward to your comments below!!!


  1. Hi Bill…..I wish to work with you ASAP – Could you contact me please –

    Thank you – Chris Guerra

  2. Hi Bill…..I wish to work with you ASAP – Could you contact me please –

    Thank you – Chris Guerra

  3. I just finish, at least I think I am finished, your Twitter Traffic Machine. I got a lot out of it. I will go through it again because this is all very new to. I also just started my online mlm business. I am learning so much and I am very excited.

    You have a lovely, fun home! Your office is gonna be the bomb!



    My video request. No sure if this is how or where to post. :=)

  5. Hi Bill, I just recently purchased your twitter program…am going thru the first 6 steps!
    I have started a new TeleSeminar biz in the last six weeks so I’m a “newbie” to twitter and other internet media…have dabbled a little since just before Christmas before I found my own product! Yipee!
    Looking forward to getting to know you a bit better!
    Jody In Beautiful BC 🙂

  6. Hi Bill Count me in. I’m new to the internet. I got your Twitter program. Very well done was easy for me to set up. I’ll get my video to you ASAP. This will be only my fourth video. I stepped out of my comfort zone. Love what you are doing.

  7. Yes bill please count me in. I though I registared already, Leo

  8. Hey Bill great to see your an average guy with a real life not a guy sitting up on a mountain ! great video of your plan and goal look forward to seeing the completed work

  9. sorry i cant leave you a video i dont have a camera or a web cam not yeart. i am new to this i dont know any thing thing about ithe internet or markiting please help thanks

  10. Hi Bill
    I bought into your Twitter Traffic Machine a few weeks ago through Click Bank and did receive your 6 instruction videos. I have followed your instructions but today I discovered that you have over looked following my twitter site back. I will RT you on twitter and see what happens. Cheers Tina

  11. Bill

    I am @bobgarrett
    and focus on SM for a living

    I want to learn how to build my business even faster with a focus on twitter

    I also have a huge Linkedin following – that is ranked in the top 2000 worldwide

    Pick me Pick me –


  12. Dawn Larsen says:

    Bill, your youtube site says its under construction. I have my video ready and I sent you an email as well.



  13. You are a very down to earth person and that is just great helping motivate and jump starting everybody is awesome keep up the great work. oh yeah I’am a affiliate with clickbank and I want to sell your product!

  14. I would love to be your coaching program. I want to push my business as far as I can and start a internet marketing business. Congrads on your new office.

  15. Bill I really love what you are doing.
    I am new in internet marketing and have been learning a few things .
    Bill I really love your twitter automation course,and I create affiliate link to your program.
    I would love to be apart of your coaching program. I never done videos before I can try
    This will probably take time I’ll not be the first 30 to get to you.

  16. I am working on the TTW Im receiving tweets but no sales just yet still need to do more marketing. If you are going to replays let me know, moneys tight right now so webcam, or videos not on the top of my list. Have a blessed day!

  17. Bill I really love your twitter automation course, and I would love to be apart of your coaching calls. I never done videos and don’t have video cameras. I’ll see if I can find someone to help me make one. Then send it to you. This will probably take time so I’ll probably not be the first 30 to get to you.

  18. Ken Langdon says:

    Enjoyed your video Bill.

    I am an 80 year old Aussie from ‘the horse and buggy days’ having spent my entire working life in the years BC (Before Computers), and having worked for Australia’s leading bank in a country town without electricity in 1952.

    Me make a video? Not a chance! I do not have a video camera. I learned Morse Code during World War 2 in the days when we sent telegrams at the Post Office because we did not have telephones.

    At the moment I am still ‘struggling’ to set up the Twitter Traffic Machine.

    Sorry I cannot take up your offer.

  19. I am a fan Bill. Please count me in.

  20. Website is not up yet.

    But, Bill, thank you. At long last, (I am an 85 yr. old hopeful) you have encouraged me.. I have been superbly failing for so long and I’m totally sick of it.

    Looking forward to reversing the trend and being able to have some spare money in my pocket that I can use to help those less fortunate than I.

    Thanks again and blessings to you, Bill,


  21. Hello!

    I am about to make my video. Am I supposed to send it to you as a video response on youtube?

    I am an internet marketer and almost think that the email I got from you today was fate! lol 😉

    You will understand what I mean after you see my video!

    I’m looking forward to working with you!


    -The Kurt Myers-

  22. office is looking good Bill..everyone likes to see something built from nothing. its what we strive to do every day. thanks for everything..


  23. Bill,

    Thanks for your help. Was that
    young & Silvers 34 rules. where do I find that.

    Bill, i’m growing 1,000followers a day the past 2 days.


  24. I would love more coaching , and to pick your brain on how to get to the next level.

  25. Hi Bill, I would really like to be one of your 30. I do not know anything about doing the videos so I guess that rules me out. Thanks for all you have showed me…………Bill Eller

  26. First off… for those of you that haven’t gotten the Twitter Traffic Machine from Bill, they you really need to… it’s great and it’s very easy for those of you that are newbies…

    Second, I’d like to do a video, but I have lost my voice and I hope to get it back in the next couple of days… if so, I’ll be sure to get it done. If I could just write something instead, (until I get my voice back) that would be awesome!

    Third, I have a question for you Bill, regarding a private Twitter-like service.

    What do you think of the new services that are basically just like Twitter, only you can use your own domain name and instead of ONLY using text with links, you can also post videos, audio files and you can make them totally public or completely private.?? Of course the micro-blogging part is still just 140 characters, even though it is a far richer media experience.

    Have you heard of these other services and in your current opinion, do you think they have a lot of potential??

    Look forward to all your new stuff and hope to be a part of it.

  27. Hiram Evans says:

    I think that you are putting a system for a great following. The coaching idea is just wonderful. I look forward to working with you and finding out just what you come up with.
    By the way, the video of your home and set up is a nice way for us to see just what you are about. “Nice video”.

    Hiram Evans

  28. Hi Bill, I am very interested in what you do, how can your programe help me build the business I am in. I am still playing around with Twitter traffic but no results yet. I cannot see it in my clickbank account, is there any way to check it out, Regards Leo

  29. Hi Bill,

    Sounds like a good place to be?

  30. I am new in internet marketing and have been learning a few things here and there.

    I like to start an affiliate marketing but find it difficult to put in action what I have learned because of information overload : -(

    I don´t have a webcam, video camera or video camera on my phone, but I hope that I am in.

    Your office looks very promising.

    Thanks for everything.

  31. Thanks for the tour Bill. I’m becoming a big fan. I hope you can help me bring Medical Hypnosis forward into the mainstream of health and wellness.

  32. It is so wonderful to see you living in joy. You are truly living your dream and passion. That alone is uplifting the universe. Your potential is tremendous. graciously, Nicholas Franklin Bray

  33. Hi i just wanted to say that you give me hope in the Network Marketing business. I just started this adventure with Regenesis 2×2 and it is a Great company. The reason why
    I follow you is because you are so simple and a Great leader. Thank you for making the videos. Keep them comming~ I have to purchase a cam to I may follow what you are teaching~ everything looks great.)

  34. Could you do anything to help build my business? Or to put it another way, would your Twitter product help me in any way?

  35. well i made a 25 page business proposal and it’s a great website business that without a doubt would be profitable and alot of people are interested as well. but fail to land the capital help for it as i am just a mere international student in canada from the caribbean. whats your advice? and what you think can help me attrach the capital i will need to fuel the company?

  36. Thanks!

  37. I am new – I am learning – and I need help! I have been in marketing for 30+ years on the road type thing. I know that if I spend another 30 years “on the road” I will be no further ahead than where I am today. Therefore, the only way to grow and grow quickly is through your program on the Internet. I must make this change and I am changing to be finally financially free at last and not a day to soon! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    I am working on my video!!


  38. How do I upload the video?

  39. Gostei da ideia mas nao entendi os objetivos.
    Quero participar do mesmo projeto irei criar o video.

    • billcrosby says:

      Você cria um vídeo sobre o motivo pelo qual você acha que trabalhar com isso seria um bom jogo, faça o upload para o YouTube, e então enviá-la para mim. Primeiros 30 na porta ganhar tempo comigo:)

  40. John D. says:

    I agree…Cool video. I don’t have a video camera either. Maybe you could help us too? Just a thought. Have a great day.

    • billcrosby says:

      You can use a simple webcam to do this, you do not need a video camera. Make it simple!


  41. Awesome stuff Bill! I’m happy for you…as you build out your new office. I just did the same…to keep separate from the kids and it certainly adds a whole new dimension to focus and productivity.

    Wondering if you have any courses for monetizing WordPress and affiliate marketing?

    Just purchased the Clickbank Code by Michael Jones; so far, I’m quite impressed.

    Sign me up for the coaching you are offering!

    Thanks for all you do Bill.

    Peter Cianci

  42. lol That is a neat video. I don’t have a video camera, so I am unable to participate, but did want to let you know I enjoyed your video – and your new office in the trees looks wonderful!

  43. Hi Bill…. have been on your calls and love what you are doing. I am currently in the process of setting up my youtube educational site for women’s health. I will try to get a video off to you as I see this as a great opportunity. Currently I am excited about the fact that I am ranked 8th in Boston , MA with twitter and have been trying to maintain that ranking while getting established. I love the internet and the power of social media and look forward to keeping in touch with you. take care, Doug

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