Video Part 2: 500 New Twitter Followers in 24 Hours, We Show YOU How!

We got huge results using this method to DRAMATICALLY increase our presence on Twitter. This is the actual case study of exactly how we did it. Enjoy!


  1. That`s it.

  2. Hi Bill, great video, but it would appear Twitter has imposed a follow limit on new accounts. The most I was able to follow Day1 with a new account was 1000, unlike the 1800 shown in the video. I was still able to hit 500 followers in less than 12 hours but I’m grounded for the time being.

  3. This is a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing yourgreat ideas Bill. I will be applying it.

  4. Thanks for a great video Bill.

    I’ve resisted sending an automated response to welcome new followers * Until now.

    But with over 1000 followers now, and more and more new people coming every day, it’s virtually impossible to welcome them all personally.

    Seeing your video has inspired me to look at Tweet Later & re-evaluate my attitude towards automatic responses.

    Twitter: Allyinspirit

  5. Yet another awesome video. Great technique, and SUPER documentation! I had a number of wonderful “AHA!” moments while watching and intend to try out a few of my ideas using your technique.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome coverage of the basics. Please keep it coming! 😉

  7. Excellent Tips!

    What I find most difficult in Twitter is to track all my followers and the people I’m following and a lot of messages get lost within the “fog”.


    Alex Kei
    Dinero y Negocios

  8. Hi Bill

    Really good video – I watched the 2nd one first, so now I’m off to watch no. 1.

    I’ve only been on Twitter for a couple of weeks, so it’s really interesting to see the different techniques for getting followed. (acmeinfo is my username).

    I’m also going to sign up for your posts via email (don’t like readers).

    Happy New Year.


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