HOW TO: Unfollow Tools on Twitter, Are there Any Left?

Best Unfollow Tools for Twitter

Twitter has been slowly weeding out unfollow tools, especially the bulk unfollow tools. Their reasoning is simple. They want to eliminate the bulk unfollow/follow practices on Twitter.

These practices to build up accounts have decreased the engagement on Twitter. And the average Twitter user has quickly diminished to highly unengaged.

With that said though, many people have asked me what is the best available tool to “Shed” (i.e. unfollow) unwanted, unengaged followers (ie. bots and general low life’s). So, I thought I would just show you in this quick video below my favorite tool for unfollowing on Twitter,

Use for your unfollow needs:


Note: The best way to view this unfollow video is the click the full screen button located in the lower right corner of the video screen (then use the esc key to exit thereafter).

Please be sure to comment below if this has helped you with your unfollow needs!




  1. Day one was good…unfortunately now it’s not free:-(

  2. thank you for sharing the tool and the process. it makes easy for me to understand

  3. Thank Bill, has been usefull for me!

    I am now using this tool every day…

    Keep on the good work.


  4. Maxwells_Hammer says:

    Hey Guys,

    I didn't use Twitter for about 8 months or so (at least) and then when I came back to it, I found that my TweetAdder Software still works..

    It costs money, but it works great at bulk follow/unfollow. I'd give you my affiliate link..but really, I don't care. ;)

  5. Myskinconcierge says:

    Thank you so much! This is really the best tool I have ever seen! You have helped me with my twitter mgt. so much!

  6. Thank you a thousand times.
    This site is wonderful.

  7. Thanks Bill for find this great site for Twitter users.

  8. kyletgarrett says:

    Hey Bill! Thanks for the great article/video, I appreciate it.. I've been wondering if there was any unfollow tool left :-)

  9. Thank you so much Bill I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

  10. Hi Bill,
    I'm having problems with the I need to unfollow about 700 unfollowers but only came up with 4 and after reloading it come up with 5 and now it shows me only 17 unfollowers of which I already unfollowed 4. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just impatient? This program could be a lifesaver if it works for me.

    • BillCrosby says:

      Make sure you have the settings correct on the program. This sounds like an issue with the settings

  11. Hey Bill – Thanks for the great tips. I made the mistake of going to quantity instead of quality. This tool is really helping me fix my mistake.

  12. BillCrosby says:

    Absolutely my pleasure Frederick!. I am lucky to be doing what I love every day, and just really pleased it give YOU value!

  13. Great Video Bill! You are a wealth of information for the masses. Much respect to you. Your tools have moved and motivated network marketers to new levels of success. Thanks for being a 20%er (doing over 80% of the research and work.

    • BillCrosby says:

      Absolutely my pleasure Frederick!. I am lucky to be doing what I love every day, and just really pleased it give YOU value!

  14. jeffweber says:

    Bil, any way to identify bots following you so you can choose to unfollow bots regardless of whether they are following you or not? PS – my Twitter handle is jjjinvesting – follow me – got over 18,250 followers in less than 11 months. PPS I use Friend or Follow to unfollow the old fashioned way – one at a time.

    • BillCrosby says:

      I would look at their ratios of friends to followers. I they have a ton more people they are following vs who is following them, that could be an indicator. As well, NO updates is a clear bot…

  15. Always love your tools and material, as I am now using Refollow. I look forward to what you have up your sleeve after social media live has now ended…

    • BillCrosby says:

      We are actually starting a tool show. We'll be doing much of the same things that you see in this video. Going to be very high value stuff indeed…

  16. Thank for the update…. I bought in to the 16000 followers stuff and was doing that and it did nt pan out for us for some reason guess im too techie challanged…lol

  17. This is definitely one of the best Twitter tools I have seen so far. Thanx, Bill

  18. Bill it was too slow for me too with 7,000+ followers.

    Personally I use evertweet. Its still in beta mode but works fully. It does keyword targeted following, has an unfollowing option too, where you can manually click to unfollow, or turn on automated mode and a lot of other really cool options. There's a free version and then a $20 / monthly upgraded version that unlocks more features, such as geotargeted following, and the ability to use more keywords to search for followers with.

    I just heard this week from the designer that it was just white listed by twitter too. Evertweet also has a built in affiliate program (everyone who uses the free or premium version has an affiliate id) with weekly, monthly and yearly contests for the affiliates to gain more perks, along with cash. I've been pretty happy with using it the last couple of months. You can check out evertweet at –

  19. Another Really cool tool You found again Bill ! Keep up the great work ! Thanks Buddy , Charles Strand

  20. Excellent, I gave up twittter becoz of that

  21. Harold Gunderman says:

    Thank You so much for this video. This is a major help.

  22. 1whirleddesign says:

    Awesome information here, that I will use a lot. Thanks!!

  23. kengullette says:

    Thanks, Bill. Very helpful!!

  24. Looks great!! I will try it. Thank you.

  25. As always, I can count on you to provide valuable info in a clear, concise way. Thanks so much for your diligence

  26. Bill,
    Thks for reading your emails. I was one of those who wrote you. : )
    Great instruction on how to use. You made it very easy. WoW! it is an awesome application. Thanks so MUCH!!!


  27. Thanks Bill,
    Had a quick go, worked fine thanks! Used to use Dossy but unfollow was stopped sadly!

    Great info, will retweet, thanks again Sue

  28. It is trully a great tool. I've been using them since from word go when I joined twitter about 10 months ago. Oh and yes twitter did threaten to shut 'em down earlier this year. They went into talks and as you can see they were allowed to continue the service. But as you have pointed it out they are quite slow these days :-( especially as all of my 13 acounts have over 35k followers. I have yet to find a thorough and extensive tool that has so many functions for free.
    Thanx for the great blog mate.

  29. That's a great little tool. Thanks for shareing. Other than software solutions, I think you're right there aren't too many free web-based solutions available unless you are a php programmer or something. I've been just using software that ties into the Twitter API.

    • BillCrosby says:

      Yes, I agree. I actually built a tool to do this for me some time back, working through the API (and no, it is not available people, sorry).

  30. Great job Bill.
    Your Twitter Traffic Machine helped me build my Twitter account from scratch.
    The 'unfollow' rules of the game have changed as you say – so your video today is timely. The 10% ratio rule between followers and following has me stuck, I think, so this could be the remedy to shed some of the 'dead skin'.
    Thank you.

  31. hankheister says:

    Sounds like a great program… I have been using Hummingbird successfully. Thanks for your work… You have been very helpful this past year…

  32. Carol Straw says:

    Great tool. I've been looking for something like this.

  33. Thanks for the video tutorial Bill. I had an account that got frozen by twitter by doing the following and unfollowing game. I think I was using TweetAdder at the time. What are your thoughts on TweetAdder?

    • BillCrosby says:

      Anything in moderation will probably not get flagged by Twitter. It is when you heavily add people you get in trouble. TweetAdder is designed for mass adding and can cause problems (as you have already eluded to).

  34. whyproperty says:

    Thanks for your help Bill ;0

  35. Bill,

    thanks for sharing this. I had my account suspended a few months ago, and so I stopped unfollowing b/c I was afraid of 'getting my hands slapped again'. So, I just unfollowed 88 ppl…that's enough in one day for me…

  36. whyproperty says:

    Bill . . . how do you petition Twitter to reinstate accounts as they make it nearly impossible to contact them

  37. I tried this.. and I’ve got to tell you works 100% better than this.. (actually, this doesn’t work at all)
    ps, What happenned to you ‘Twitter Traffic Machine’ and what happens to the affiliate traffic that I have been sending to you via the same programme (until I noticed that the link is being redirected) ?????

    • BillCrosby says:

      Gary, TTM has been shut down for a long time. I have no way of notifying my affiliates since clickbank doesn't give you contact information. Sorry!

      I do have to revisit, you are the second person to suggest it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bill,

    twitter just suspended heaps of my accounts with obver 60 000 followers WITHOUT WARNING

    Not happy

    • BillCrosby says:

      They are tracking log in IP addresses. It is easy for them to do such. Try to petition to have the reinstated, and be persistent about it. You might get some turned back on.

  39. Janis Friesler says:

    Thanks Bill,
    I have been looking for something like this.


  40. i really liked Huitter but it seems to have been shut down, onward

  41. Bill slow for me too but Ive got 68000 followers
    the Oauth worked

    And your warning not to unfollow more than 100 folks cant be said enough. This software got my account and another’s shut down for a month for unfollowing too many and too quickly. I usually unfollow folks over the weekend (2 days) and never follow anyone on those days as well. I follow only during the week.

  42. Hey Bill, I use Buzzom does anyone else use it?

    • BillCrosby says:

      I have used it, but found it a little limiting in the unfollow category. It did have some other nice feature though. Thanks for the reminder about this tool also Warren!

  43. Thanks Bill! It is slow, but at least it works!

    To OUR Success!

  44. Great Tip! Thanks!

  45. Anonymous says:

    I’m currently using Tweetsbot for various follow, unfollow operations.
    The application does allow you to unfollow a selected quantity and
    also allows you to set a timer so basically you could unfollow for
    example, 50 people over 5 hours at one every 6 minutes.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Nice find…I have been using a difference service and its kinda bulky. I will give it a try tonight!


  47. remarkcoble says:

    Bill this is a great tool that you've shared. Thanks so much buddy!

  48. Hi Bill, I have just found out about your website, and also This really is the best tool out there for now. I have around 2700 followers and the website actually does load pretty slowly, it took me around 10 minutes. Though I have just unfollowed 87 people. Thank you very much for the video.

  49. Bill, it was slow for me as well but I have 16,000 followers. Great find. @ereleases

    • BillCrosby says:

      Thanks for the update on the slowness Mickie. I thought that might be the case of high numbers of followers.


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