How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page

How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page

Google+ Brand pages are here, and you should be taking them very seriously (Google is, hint hint). Like Facebook Pages, you now have the ability to quickly display your brand in a Google+ Page. Here are the simple steps to creating your own Google+ Brand page:

    1. Getting Started
    2. To get started, sign in to your Google account and then go to There is a video to watch, but it is not very helpful so don’t waste your time.
    3. Click on the blue icon to Create your Google + Page.
    4. Create Page is shown on this step.
    5. Pick up a category of your choice. The categories are:
      • Local Business or Place (Hotel, Restaurant, Places, Stores, Service)
      • Product or Brand (Apparels, Cars, Electronics, Financial Services)
      • Company, Institution or Organization (Company, Organization, Institution, Non-profits)
      • Arts, Entertainment, or Sport (Movies, TV, Music, Books, Sports, Shows)
      • Other (Use this if it doesn’t fit into any of the other category)
    6. Clicking on any of the above category provides you a page to enter the following information:
        • For Local business or Place – Choose Location and Phone number
        • For the rest of categories Page Name, Website (Optional), Select Category, Content Appropriate for (all, 18+ years, 21+ years, Alcohol), Check box for Page terms and conditions check box and Informing the users on future page releases and other relevant information.
    7. After entering the above, the page is created with a startup page.
    8. The startup page asks for (which can be filled in later also):
        • Tagline of 10 words that describes your page best
        • Profile photo for upload
    9. Click on Continue
    10. You can share the page with other G+ users and friends by Get the word out (Optional)
    11. Click on Finish
    12. Your Google+ Brand Page is now ready to go!
    13. Google+ page is very similar to the Google+ individual page with streams, posts, hangouts and other features.


Why would I want to set up a Google+ Brand Page?


Key benefits:

  1. Direct connect with the Google search results through +1 button makes it easier for searching, classifying and connecting with the people searching on Google.
  2. Google SEO becomes easier with aggregating all +1 buttons for the sites and page ranks.
  3. Business categorization is crystal clear and the pages will useful and relevant according to the purpose.
  4. Local pages offers facility to search within local context like google maps, places and businesses.
  5. G+ hangout feature can be used to interact with customers on a video chat increasing satisfaction levels.

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