Welcome to My Free Coaching

Welcome to My Free Coaching

Are you scheduled for my free coaching? I can’t wait. Just had the first one today and it was really cool! 29 more interesting people to working with…


  1. yogaonline says:

    I'm in – Thank you Bill.

  2. yogaonline says:

    I'm in – Thank you Bill.

  3. anitaarmstrong says:

    Hi Bill, I just found you….do you have audio's to get into the archives till I can catch up? Thanks, Anita

  4. How do I sign up for coaching?

  5. ladygolfer says:

    how do we sign up for your free coaching?

  6. ladygolfer says:

    just purchased Twitter traffic Machine.lLooking forward to learning more! Thanks,Leslie

  7. Wow! I just had 50 minutes on a video call with Bill Crosby and I am amazed! Bill has given me so much information to use for my business in conjunction with social media. I am abundantly thankful for the time I got to spend with a person of such great knowledge. I hope Bill will choose me to be one of his three picks for his 14 wk course of live training. Keeping the fingers crossed and saying a prayer!
    Thank you so much Bill! My hubby thanks you from Iraq also for your thoughts and prayers!
    Kristie Etzel
    Etzel Squad

  8. Excellent coaching session Bill! Wickedly Smart Marketer and then some… Look out gurus, Bill is about to blow past many of you with what he has coming soon. It's going to revolutionize traffic automation on the web. Keep doing what you're doing Bill!

  9. So wonderful getting to know you Bill. Just bought your system a few days ago. great work!

    Looking forward to working with you soon,


  10. How do I sign up for 100 for $10K email list? Used your box & was declined.

  11. just finished my Coaching with Bill

    Bill is the person you can trust , and he knows what he is doing very well

    Bill Crosby is the person you can trust & you can work with to make BIG things happen

    Great support Bill

    Thank a lot ……….

    I am looking forward For Your Tweeligent Coaching Program

    Manos digenis

  12. Hello Bill, thanks for the coaching call today, it was very useful. I find you to a a warm, friendly, and caring individual, at the same time, a great gift of being able to sum things up in a few words. I presticularly liked the way you have laid out various strategies reference to social, audio, visual and written, and look forward to see how you link all these various strategies together. Great first call, and I look forward to our next one, have a wonderful weekend, Warmest regards, Gordon

  13. tritroy says:

    Bill, Thank you for the great call this morning. Learning new skills and systems are critical to a persons growth. Being coached as you learn, do, and teach those new skills is absolutely essential if your going to get results. I am so excited to know you are clearly focused on fast results. I'm looking forward to working with you and making lots of new friends and connections as I build Troy “TriTroy” Lovick into the next big name in social media. WOOT!!

    • BillCrosby says:

      It was my pleasure Troy, looking forward to what you will do for people in health and fitness!

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