Video: Twitter Etiquette (Twetiquette) in Plain English

While Twitter is new, there are some unspoken rules that you should really follow, unless you want people to unfollow you (now who would want that?).

This video describes the etiquette of Twitter.

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  1. BillCrosby says:


    It will definitely work in the French market.

    Good luck,


  2. Hi Bill,

    I am highly interested by your TwitterTrafficMachine.
    The question is : is it appliable on the Frenc market.
    I have the owner of a French marketing company and I am interested in using Twitter for my business but we are dedicated to 100% French market.
    Do you think your methode are appliable with the French target ?

    Thanking you in advance for you relpy,
    Luc (pronounced Luke)

  3. I am very interested in this

  4. I like your post. Good stuff. Keep them coming :)…

  5. Great analogy, Bill, and thanks for the clear message on how to add value and build a relationship, and where that can lead!

  6. You did a wonderful job on your video.
    Yes I agree in anything we do in building our business we must forst give value.


  7. Great video presentation and thank you.

  8. – now in my rss reader)))

  9. Castyarramb says: – cool sitename man)))

  10. Bill,

    You found a great way to explain the etiquette of Twitter. The party theme is perfect. Twitter is a party where you have to be sociable, be interesting and be polite.

    Well done video. Looking forward to more from you.

  11. immanuank says: – great domain name for blog like this)))

  12. Swannaabralay says:

    Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

  13. am following your mastermind series. Loving it! This is kewl stuff bro!

  14. Big thanks to You because this post “Twetiquett” on top in My eyes! For that reason I posted/embedded this video into my blogspot:

  15. I appreciate your attitude! Thanks for the info, and success with your goals this year!!

  16. Good stuff Bill, enjoy your videos.

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