Twitter 101, An Overview of the Basics of Twitter (Great for Newbies)

Twitter 101, An Overview of the Basics of Twitter (Great for Newbies)

Are you new to Twitter? Want to know the basic function? This video explains them all, very simplistically. Bill walks you through how to get on Twitter, gives a tour of the basic functions, shows you how to set up your account, and then walks you through sending your first message (Tweet).


  1. Hi The link to your ebook does not seem to be working. I clicked like, but it took me to another page instead of download page. Cant find yout contact tab.

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  2. BillCrosby says:

    My pleasure!

  3. amazing stuff thanx 🙂

  4. Bill, Thanks again for the great information. Gene

  5. Check it out–> “Twitter 101, An Overview of the Basics of Twitter (Great for Newbies)” ( )

  6. Thanks for telling me, on your video, how Twitter works. Ron Jensen,

  7. A lot of good information if your new to twitter like me, very informative. Just kind of showed me all the little details I was missing.

    Thanks Bill

  8. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for this short video. it’s was very helpful.
    Thanks again.

  9. Great video for beginners… Wish they had something like this on the website… great job!

  10. Thanks for the great video. Wonderful help for people that are new to Twitter.

  11. Hi Bill – I think I want to marry you!!, ha,ha I have spent the day listening to your teaching to make $$ and then this video – I learned something from you today, I had fun and I hope to be able to share this with others – thank you!
    Blessings to a great day
    Marilyn in Canada

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  13. Hey, thanks
    for that Bill – You’re a font of knowledge about Twitter and a real ambassador for it.

    It took a while for me to venture into Twitter and now I think it’s a tool that the world will really benefit from.

    I’m a social media conveyer belt. Maybe that’s fun? Awesome Bill.

    Thanks again

  14. Hey Bill
    Twitter 101- Great video .
    Thanks for the tips

  15. Wow Bill! Thanks for explaining it all in such a simple, easy way! I now actually will be able to Tweet! Awesome

  16. Great video for starters. It helped me get up to speed very quickly.


  17. Hi Bill – great intro video – love your advanced course also – the training and secrets well worth the price of a dinner out –

  18. Not sure what it is that I am doing but I will get there.
    Martha Jane

  19. Bill, I purchased your Twitter Traffic Machine program. Let me tell you, it was the best 27 dollars I ever spent. Just after the completing the first video, I started getting new unsolicited followers. It was amazing. I intentionally started things off slow, because it was a brand new account. I was trying to only get around 20 new followers a day. Just during the first night, I had over 50. It works almost too well. Thank you so much.

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  20. Great info..Thanks, I will be diving in soon!!

  21. Hey Bill:)

    Great Twitter video…
    I just bought your Twitter Traffic Machine
    and it gave me an EXCELLENT Twitter tool I’ve been looking all over for!

    That one resource alone was worth the purchase.

    Thanks for simplifying Twitter marketing and making it easy to follow your step by step instructions on how to get more Twitter followers. I will be implementing them right away and keep you posted!

    ~ Leah
    aka “The OnlineMarketingGenie”

  22. I’m following you – thanks for the tips!

    I’m and


  23. Joebiz09 says:

    Great job, keep up the hard work so we dont have to…lol…stopped by to say hello all…

  24. Looks like your Twitter URL is actually:

  25. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for developing the video, it was very helpful for launching twitter newbies on their way.
    Hope you have a great day,

  26. Hi Bill,

    Great video, I’m new to tweeter and have been struggllng to learn how it works.

    Thanks for the newbie tips!

  27. Noel Guilaoro says:

    Very useful I find your twitter tips.

  28. Hey Bill
    Just being a newbie at twitter your interest at helping us understand twiiter is awesome for me. Very helpful.

  29. Thanks for the twitter newbie tips!

  30. I thought twitter was a dud, for 5 minutes
    now I know better.

  31. Really nice work Bill. I’ll certainly share with those in my team that are just coming on board and need a great learning tool.
    See ya on Twitter.

  32. i am new to twitter, so this basic overview was very helpful thank you!

  33. Really informative. I am new at Twitter but you expanded areas for me. The video was great…and the music great (wish I knew what it was!) however, for me, just a little too distracting whilst you were talking.
    Thank you for this!
    twitter: patri1

  34. Hi Bill,

    Yes, I found this very helpful.

    I’ve been trying to tell my online friends about Twitter and some are so afraid of it. Why I don’t know! I’ll refer them to this video and their fears should melt away.

    Thanks for producing this clear instructional video.

  35. Great basic video. I’ll send it to my Dad. It’s easier to have a video that his reading instructions. Thanks Bill!

  36. Anjanette Fountain says:


    That is great information. I learned new things regarding Twitter. My mother (due to her age, she would be considered a senior citizen) saw Twitter on CNN and now wants to join!

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