Social Media Syndication: Get to the Top of Google in 27 Minutes

Social Media Syndication: Get to the Top of Google in 27 Minutes

For those that know me, I like to experiment with technology, to say the least. One might call me an outright perfect candidate for a technology 12 step program (do you know of one, just in case, comment below if so). If you have been following, I am working on a syndication strategy using social media sites to drive massive amounts of traffic from the one and only place, Google.

Testing so today got me to the third spot for a the keywords “Golf Cart Antics” (see previous post), not a heavily searched keyword set but I wound up beating some pretty big names. Have a look at the screen shot below:

Golf Cart Antics Search Results

Golf Cart Antics Search Results

Note that I am not logged into Google at the time so there is no manipulation on these results. I had clicked on it previously so that does show up but only one time to check the results of the bitly link from Facebook.

OK Bill, Try It On Something More Competitive

So, to be a little more tricky, I decided it would be better to do a test on the keywords “Social Media Syndication” (i.e. the title of this post). And as I usually do, test it in real time, with YOU watching.

Here is the screen capture of the Google results prior to me publishing this post:

Social Media Syndication Results - Before Publishing

Social Media Syndication Results - Before Publishing

My plan is to basically own the keywords “Social Media Syndication” before I launch this product, which makes perfect sense as that is what the product does and teaches. I will update the screen shot shortly once the post has a chance to makes it way into the Google search results. Here we go…

And the results are….8th place after 4 minutes! Here is the screen shot:

Social Media Syndication - Post Publish Results

Social Media Syndication - Post Publish Results

Conclusion is, THIS STUFF WORKS!!!


PS. As always, please comment away below!

PPS. Click here to see my results live


  1. Mike Hughes says:


    I’d love to know the steps that got you there.

    Best regards,

  2. Interesting…but kind of left with …where is this going and what created the results?

    It cool that got the results….but how did you do it?

  3. I sent you are reply Jeff.

  4. BillCrosby says:

    Excellent Matt, you just gave wonderful social proof for this process ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is a whole bunch of things I have done to make this possible. It would be a little hard to describe. I suggest you get on my list by either asking a question (but you have kind of already done that) or entering your email in the popup box at the bottom of any page within


  5. mattylll says:

    I actually came across your site as it was at the top of google for “social media syndication” which just happened to be the search term which I was searching! Very ironic. If you need social proof, I'll testify!

    I'm very interested to learn how you have done this?


    • BillCrosby says:

      Excellent Matt, you just gave wonderful social proof for this process ๐Ÿ™‚

      There is a whole bunch of things I have done to make this possible. It would be a little hard to describe. I suggest you get on my list by either asking a question (but you have kind of already done that) or entering your email in the popup box at the bottom of any page within


  6. Bill,

    What exactly are you doing to achieve these results???

    • BillCrosby says:

      It is a combination of many things, but mostly utilizing the keys to what Google likes with content that is Relevant (the incoming links are from like content sites), Recent (it is new content) and Popular (lots of backlinks).

  7. Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of this blog.

  8. That's great…

    Visit my blogg on and read it with in your language with Google translator or check down the technology news of Ney York Times, the Washigton Post and more… cheers!!!!

  9. bobgarrett says:

    Hey you the God – when you moving to Philly
    ive been looking to network with someone that can teach me stuff

    we have emailed a few times in the last week

    good stuff love the Ustream

  10. That was a great post! it goes to show that when 1) your site already has authority and 2) you choose your keywords on purpose, great things can happen…fast!

  11. I would love to try it, really!

  12. bridgetbusutil says:

    I can understand. love tech gadgets. that sounds great Bill! So what's the recipe?

  13. I'll buy this as soon as it's out Bill, I missed the boat on Twitter traffic machine, won't be missing this. Please keep the price the same as ttm!!

  14. Great work! Can't wait to see the 'how-to' on this :p



  15. OK, there's got to be some Black Magic at play here… but I still gots to know… So just how do you did that?

  16. OK, I'm convinced… You Da Wizard.

    Now you know what I'm going to ask next right?

    Just how did you do that, and how long does it stick?

  17. Ok Bill … You've got my attention. I am looking forward to seeing HOW you are doing this.

  18. all nice n cool…
    just tell how u did it dude…

  19. frankbarrett says:

    Sounds cool as usual. Be nice to see it when you done fiddling.

  20. Hi, Bill,
    So, you mean this new product is in the pre-launch?
    When it will be ready?

  21. Bill,

    Very nice if it actually works and for how long?

  22. Looks like a great strategy Bill, looking forward to the details!

  23. Pretty cool stuff Bill. Look forward to seeing the product. Looks like you did some good keyword research and targets less competing words with decent search volumes then used a little seo in your post to make it all work.

    Will your product help with finding and targeting good keywords that you can compete with or is it more on the syndication side?

  24. Show it with a keyword that has “inanchor” competition. NOT “onpage” competition, which is not your real competition.

  25. cartoonofme says:

    Well Bill,

    I sure could you that but I suppose we will have to wait for you to reveal more before anyone sees what I have at…

    ah no one is going to click my name or are they?

  26. Ok, so when are you going to share it with us????

  27. Just picked this up off an email. This looks like a very smart system indeed. I take it by this post is this is your latest product due to come out soon.


  28. William (part 2)

    I can appreciate your ambitions to own the phrase “social media syndication” which is kewl so long as we can agree I get to keep my Google Page #1 rank with the phrase “Social Media Marketing Tip” —->

    Neil Ferree

  29. William:

    I like really your Woo theme and the slick way you use your social media profile icons and the multi-options you provide for comments. Then again page #1 in 4 minutes isn't anything the sneeze about either.


  30. Hi Bill.. your twitter machine is still cranking for me.. i get avg 1 new follower / hr.. so im sure this will also work.
    Problem is.. what happens when EVERONE is doing this? theres always only ever gonna be ten top spots.

  31. Awesome! I have done the same over on

  32. Hey Bill
    Can't wait for release and affilitate sign up day


    • Ahhh, nope, much easier once you set the system up properly

      • Greetings Bill,
        I know “Social Media Syndication” sounds like it’d be harder, but Google only lists it as 360 monthly global users. Wordtracker doesn’t list it at all due to insufficient data. I’m a believer in your products but I’d like to see it happen with something with more meat. Is it possible? (“Social Media” 370K monthly … or “Social Media Marketing” 40K monthly … or “Social Media Business” 4K monthly)

        • I am working on those next, going after really large keywords and testing those, but as we know, the riches are in the niches ๐Ÿ™‚

          • It's funny that you say the riches are in the niches. I get the most random search engine traffic from the smallest niche of any of my posts. I'm really excited to see what you have to demonstrate on the more competitive keywords.

  34. integrativedesigns says:

    Great news, Bill! Let us know when you will be pushing the product out.

  35. Hi bill , I use twitter but I donร‚ยดt know why the twitter traffic machine has benn stoped? I would like to ask something do you know what I need to do for place my code adsense to my twitter website? Iร‚ยดve an blog but I want to place it to my twitter I think will be a good idea thanbks and waiting.
    Cristiano Banzato

  36. Ok Can't wait to hear more about this one..

  37. Same here, I bought your product twittertraffic and have been following you Bill, hope to hear more about your new launch, GOOD LUCK

  38. Cant wait to get in. Get me in early maybe I can be a testimonial

  39. Hi Bill,

    This looks cool when will you be giving out info on the techniques involved?


  40. Very Cool Bill! Can't wait to find out how your doing it.

  41. Thanks Bill! I look forward to your other posts I know this will work because I have been following you for a while now!

  42. when will you drop this product on the market,it sounds good?

  43. That is some really cool stuff, especially since it's in such a short period of time.
    I'd be interested in learning more on how you did it.
    Super Dave

  44. when is it coming out Bill,I would love to try it

  45. nice … ok tell us what did u do?

    • Hi I need to place my adsense code in my twitter website, when I been in the page resource I try to place the code on midle <body> and </body> but whwn Inpress the button for validate nothing happ?

  46. daviddorian says:

    Hi, my names Dave, and I'm a techoholic LOL!


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