Got followers, Now What? 5 Critical Steps to Social Media Success

Got followers, Now What? 5 Critical Steps to Social Media Success


  1. Len Foster says:

    Hi Bill

    Great video, love the two web sites especially

  2. Len Foster says:

    Hi Bill

    Great video, love the two web sites especially

  3. Thanks for keeping up the work to get the message out there…

    @creditresolutio – @mastergame – @real_time_llc

  4. Very good stuff. It's guys like Bill that help us all become better marketers. One question… Where do I buy your stuff?

  5. Good stuff Bill!

    Keep the value coming our way.

    All the best,


  6. Roslyn Rajasingam says:

    Awesome video, Bill! I hope to implement these tips soon!

  7. Hey Bill!

    I love the Twitter training you have put together. Top-notch info. and delivered very succinctly.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future endeavors.

    Take care,

    Patrick Williamson

  8. Hi Bill. Great Video. This is truly what people need to learn to build relationships.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for the review!

  10. Thanks Bill for the informative video. I love the kid crying toward the end and the way you handled the phone ringing. Having a family sometimes makes it hard to get things like videos done, but it’s nice to see someone work right around it and seem more real for it.
    Gretchen Parks

    • billcrosby says:

      Gretchen, this is why I am having a new office space done, but it does add to the flavor of the video to have my kids crying in the background and the phone ringing 🙂

  11. Thanks. Very insightful

  12. Hi Bill, What a great video, I am new to all this but I am learning from you every day, please keep the info flowing, and have a Super Fantastic day, Leo

  13. After studying your T-traffic Machine, I noticed that your e-mails get my attention. Nice to have -more stuff- as a bonus. And, I think you had nice human-touch in your video.

  14. Great info Bill. Thanks for clarifying the best ways to use Social Networking.

  15. Great info Bill. Thanks for clarifying the best ways to use Social Networking. Keep up the good work!

  16. Lloyd Hetrick says:

    Great video Bill Love the info on what to do next. I already have being interseeding my selling comments with other stuff I’m doing but this has taught me I can do so much more. So many of the tweets & DMs I get are people just promoting the same product using the same tweet again & again.


  17. Bill:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Great Video. I’ll be sure to RT for you.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Twitter Handle: Africa_at_yhs

  19. Hey bill excellent video, i have to say your twitter traffic machine has helped me get a few hundred followers in a few days. You truly know your stuff,



  20. Ashley Bolivar says:


    So many great nuggets of information in this video.

    The one that I hope most people get, is STOP selling everything and anything on Twitter or any other social media site.

    Build the relationships and the “Tribe” will follow you. Keep it up my friend.

    Live Limitless

  21. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the video, great imformation. You are a great teacher! Iam so happy to say that I’ve learned a lot through these few Months. And like many others, I am still learning.

    Thanks Bill

  22. Thanks, this was very helpful in understanding the potential.

  23. Bill,
    You hit the dart right on the target! I always tell my clients that there is more to social networking besides just selling your products. It is all about building long lasting relationships, showing credibility within their niche’, and being seen as a leader!
    Great video.
    Christy 🙂

  24. Your video was good important stuff when using social media that people need to know. I have just one question (ok maybe more) but I only ask this one. You talk about using other feeds for information to past along, but how do you do that ? Going to the sites like and copy and paste? See I’m a Newbie and might even be a slow learner. Love for you to hold our hand with another Video on that, after we accomplish this stuff… Have a great day, ( hope you read this) don’t forget us little people…

    Your partner in Crime! (haha)

    Reg B.

  25. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for blogging. I’ll probably be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good work

  26. Nice one. The wonderful thing about this video is the authentic way of communication. Your wife calling right in between your video… no problem… short message … and on we go. By using social media we become real human beings for others, not only a digital brains, well-organized companies or a pieces of intelligence…

    btw: yes, be funny. You could have laughed or make a joke when she called you…

  27. Already sent you big props by way of facebook email, Bill but wanted to commend you once again here on this great video. It’s filled with invaluable “content” Many of my sign-ups were asking these very same questions and you answered it for them. Bravo!!

  28. Very Informative especially for the new beginners, like myself. Thank you for caring!

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