Google updates new commenting feature for Google Docs

Google updates new commenting feature for Google Docs
Google Docs is an excellent product from Google company which helps to user to edit the document in online without any use of special software’s. The latest news from Google is they are going to update new commenting feature for Google docs, so it’s like a real time chat between the users which are editing the same document with comment feature.


Google Docs, With Real Time Chat


Whenever user comment on the document and that comment will appears on right side of  the document including with their profile pictures and timestamps. Even you can use “@” to interact and reply with particular user comment or discussion on that document.

Google Docs, Now with Email Integration

If user is offline the comments will appear on their e-mail account, so that you can reply for that comment via email without visiting the Google docs web page. Users can also read and view the full discussions simply by clicking the discussion button from the top menu of that document in Google docs.


This is soooo cool. If you are not yet using Google Docs, do so quickly. It has replaced document storage for all of my business needs now completely.

Leave a comment below and tell me how are you using Google Docs.



  1. I do use Google Docs, though not as much as I used to. Being unable to work offline became a serious limiting factor for me, as well as not having full control over fonts etc. My routine now is to use Pages to construct drafts and proof read, then upload it as a Word doc for final storage and “future proofing.”

    That said, much of my standard business documentation (such as invoices and standard letters) are handled in Docs to quite an acceptable standard.

    I also use a Spreadsheet based to-do list as my Daily Log on projects.

  2. citpl delhi says:

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