Custom Twitter Background…For $5 Bucks??? Custom Twitter Background…For $5 Bucks???, Outsourcing for Everyone!

Every once in a while I come across something that just makes me scratch my head in disbelieve (ie.  Well, (pronounced Five-er) is one of those things. is a site which allow people to post just about any service or product they have to sell, but there is only one caveat. The price can be no more then $5 Bucks!

So, what can you get for $5? How about a custom designed Twitter and YouTube background.

Plan on spending some time exploring this once you get to the site. I suggest clicking the link on the right side navigation bar for “Social Marketing” and begin your exploration there.

Warning, Fiverr is Addictive!

Make sure you show me you are alive and leave a comment below!  I have a blast on this site and I am sure you will as well.


PS. Update: I use Fiverr for almost everything now!


  1. I use fiverr a lot for getting projects moving and things done that would take me awhile to do, great services. And scarily addictive especially when it saves time.

  2. Onegoodman25 says:

    fiverr is a nice place for outsourcing but their commission is high, i prefer they are professional and getting much lower fees 

  3. I bring in some nice-to-have extra income from my Fiverr gigs but getting started wasn’t a quick process. It’s taken a few months to really gain traction. Oops, gotta go, just sold another gig!

  4. Excellent, thanks for sharing this

    We also have – where you can buy and selling your stuff for $8

    you can do something like “I can… for $8?. Whatever kind of service you can do for other will fill in the blank, whether its taking a picture of a street, installing a WordPress theme, making a video of yourself singing a song, or any thing you can imagine.

    Sellers earn $8 for each completed task…

    Keep up good works

  5. fiverr is addicting but i like they take less commission and they have their own section dedicated to testimonials thats one i did. i made 43 bucks this week on gigsrr try it. its cool its new and they will even promote their own members gigs.

  6. Reggie Lal says:


    great info. , thanks for sharing it.

    Reggie Lal

  7. I Love this!!!

  8. In a way places like this can help someone needing more hands, my concern was it was making some jobs seem trival. It is no wonder some industries are having a hard time with people giving great service for such low money. Or are they? However leverage always interests me. I know in some places they work for $55 a month to 255 so for them it would be great as it pays more.

  9. Bill, great post. Really enjoy reading your blog.

    We would love to host on of your post at

    Anyway, we started 7 Freelance for people who really love Fiverr, including myself. Goal is to build relationships with other gigsters as well as customers. (which you cannot do on Fiverr, due to their closed door policy)
    7freelance has been on fire since day one, thanks to bloggers like you who write about the latest happenings in the industry.

  10. What an incredible concept! Yes, you can get logos, website, Twitter branded pages, list blasts and Facebook postings, etc. I thought it was too good to be true, but it's excellent exposure for the person or company doing the work – so everyone wins! I came across this a month ago and heard they are ranked way high in the search engines.


  11. Fiverr is just too cool. I found a guy that says he can get 200 views per day to my You Tube videos and the guy says that it will get 200 views per day for the lifetime of the video! I'm searching now for click bank products that have videos that I can download, then upload into my You Tube account. I'm seeing the views go up, but my question is…how targeted are the viewers?

  12. It doesnt take a lot of technical expertise to do this. If you have Powerpoint and can cut and paste a 10 year old can do this. Hell if there’s a market for this I’ll do it for $5 all day.

  13. Alan Hickman says:

    Hi Bill – I love practical business information that supports me in more fully and freely expressing myself in my business.

    If you go to my Twitter page @alanhickman you will see why this post got my attention. I started my twitter account a few years ago and I used the standard tools to add a background. What you see at my Twitter page is actually a picture of my grandson Sloan wearing a set of fuzzy purple bunny ears.

    I wanted to have that picture show up in a way that everyone could see and appreciate how “proud” Sloanie was to wear those ears. It’s like, at 3 years old, he got the joke. However, I could not get the tools to work for me and all the services I researched wanted $100 to do it.

    Your post has inspired me to reconnect with the possibility of expressing myself on my Twitter page again. Thank You!

    Alan Hickman
    The Motivation Magician

  14. I’ve been using Fiverr for awhile too. I design twitter backgrounds, facebook landing pages and more. See my profile:

  15. I’ve tried to use Fiverr three times for different things. I’ve yet to get what I expected. Twice I was delivered partially completed material, and once I just never got anything at all. No service, and no refund.

    Sorry, but in this case I have to say “You get what you pay for.”

  16. I found them a couple of weeks back and got a new blog header, review blog header and a twitter background for $15 so I gave an extra $5 as a bonus.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the things on offer either

  17. This sure beats trying to sort out the measurements in gimp to align in the twitter pages nice 1

  18. Helpme Helpothers says:

    why tweet and give back this web url ….smile … here is the fiverr link that has multiple twitter background for 5bucks … enjoy –

  19. Thanks for letting me know about this site. It is way cool!! I been looking for away to create a small logo animation for my marketing and didn’t know any inexpensive way to do it. Now I Do! Thanks again.

  20. I found this one! I love this site.

  21. Jenni the 7 Freelance gal says:

    Fiverr is a great way to make a few bucks on the side working from home taking care of my kids. However, my Fav is I make twice the amount of money for the same number of Gigs. 7freelance is targeting U.S. based micro freelancers and people are willing to pay an extra $2 to someone they can pickup the phone and talk to, in case something goes wrong. Check it out

  22. I have been using Fiverr for awhile now for designs and that is such a great company to use. Instead of paying some one else a lot of money to do things you just spend $5 for a background or logo and there ya go.

  23. I have been using Fiverr for awhile now for designs and that is such a great company to use. Instead of paying some one else a lot of money to do things you just spend $5 for a background or logo and there ya go.

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