5 types of emails to filter automatically

5 types of emails to filter automatically

If your inbox looks like a bottomless pit of Twitter notices and mass forwards of cat pictures, then it might be time to do a little email spring cleaning and organizing. Bonus, inbox spring cleaning sprees don’t require rubber gloves or a jumbo bottle of Liquid Plumber.

Stepcase Lifehack breaks down the five types of emails you should automatically filter to keep your inbox tidy and unclogged. First, figure out how to filter emails through your webmail provider—both Outlook and Mac’s Mail have a fairly straight forward filtering system. So, now that you’ve figured out how to filter, what should you automatically sift? Here’s a few:

  • Email Newsletters — Put these in a “To Read” folder for later viewing.
  • Social Media Notifications — There’s nothing more distracting than Facebook and Twitter pings. One comment on your status update leads to 20 minutes of browsing.
  • Store Promos and Deals — Do you really need to know that the leopard-print Snuggie is 20% off in the middle of your work day?

Full list and a how-to on filtering at Stepcase Lifehack.

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